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"Before launching these products I wanted to ensure that these worked for me and my body, and that I could truly stand behind these supplements. During "peek week", prepping for bodybuilding competitions I was able to completely remove all pre-work out supplements and use our Warrior Energy Blend instead. I have had more energy even while cutting carbs and increasing cardio. I do not experience a crash, I have clean sustained energy and I can 100% stand behind all our products."

Michelle "Silk"

"Driving 36 hours from Canada to Texas, coffee and energy drinks caused jitters, with one capsule when I woke and another a few hours later, I was more focused, my energy was high, and I was able to push through on the travels. No jitters or shaky feeling you get with other products.
This has become a staple in my day to day- whether is going to the gym, or working a long shift."